Jesse Sheehan

A Pure JS Space Game


Click to play!

One of my co-workers was describing to me a space game that he was making using Godot. Having not created a game using Godot I can’t really say I’m a fan of the engine, but am a fan of the idea. I had also recently created a cookie baking simulator for a game jam using Haxe and Kha (think SDL) but I was dismayed that the resulting JS blob was 3 MB minified. I understand that it’s all a trade-off but I also like simplicity and knowing exactly what’s going into a project.

So, listening to my co-worker talk about his space game, I was sufficiently excited by the idea of creating my own. Except I wanted to make mine without any game engine/library/framework/etc. It’s 2024, surely it can’t be that difficult to make a game without any of this technology.

This is the result of that project. I ended up scrapping the sound effects since I couldn’t get the same sound to play multiple times over itself.

Click here to play the game. The source code can be easily inspected by just viewing the source or by going to the GitHub repo.

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